Why Us?

Benefits of Trading with Evol Trader

Whether you are an experienced trader or a beginner eager to get started. Evol Trader is a global pioneer in Automated Trading Robot where our service suite stands ready to help you achieve your wealth creation goals in the marketplace.


  • Diversity of options: Trade-in variety of options with enhanced execution and no limits on major indices for stop and limit orders.
  • Strong Trading Platforms: Engage the markets with confidence through the flagship Trading Station platform of Evol Trader.
  • Cloud-based Highly Secure System Entire system is backed-up in a secure cloud system ensuring the security of your sensitive data.

In addition to these perks, all live account holders enjoy access to Free Live Trading Signals courtesy of Evol Trader. Featuring proprietary signals and analytics, Evol Trader has everything you need to maximize your performance in an ultra-competitive environment.

why us image
why us image

Few Tips before you start using Evol Trader

  1. Trust Robot. The best way to make the most of this automated trading is to put trust in its advanced capabilities.

  2. Don't open or close the trade by yourself. Don't confuse the Robot.

  3. Don't change API. Changing API will disconnect the Robot and stops its working.

  4. Don't withdraw funds from an active accounts.